A blog, an ego bump and a book(?) — 111110

People keep reading this blog and I’m not sure why.  It has been fourteen days since my last post, after all.  Is it the eloquent prose?  Maybe past posts are worthy of reading again and again.  Or maybe it’s because the punctuation is so good.  I don’t know who is reading; I only know that ElderBlog is being read each day by a healthy number of people.

I’ve looked over the past several posts and have recognized a recurring theme: ‘Mom has some good days and some bad days, and life goes on.’  Gone are the times when Pop would insert his temper into the marital relationship; or the days when there was anxiety connected with hospitalizations; or the days  leading up to leaving the house behind and moving to an Assisted Living facility.  These and many other stories had a sense of immediacy, compelling you to come back in search of new developments.  With Pop’s passing in August, many of these storylines are gone.

What’s a blogger to do?  On one hand, I want to keep your interest.  This I can only do by providing you with new information.  On another hand, there is  — honestly —  little new to report.  And on the third hand, I, a writer, would really like to write.

So I would encourage you to keep checking in for new posts.  To make your life easier, I’d strongly recommend your signing up for notifications in the right column of every page.  In so doing, an e-mail will come to you with the new post itself instead of you having to chase after it.

I don’t want this to sound like the end.  It is not.  As soon as something new happens, I will share it.  I hope that won’t be in two-week increments, but at least weekly.


And now, the news.  I took Mom to visit a friend for whom she has been deeply concerned for well over a month.  Her friend is home now and is showing signs of strengthening and healing after a long hospitalization.  Following our visit, Mom requested a stop at McDonald’s for a Smoothie.  From serious to relief to bliss.


We returned to Piedmont Place where Mom and I had another long heart-to-heart; mostly about me.  It gave us a chance to clear up some misimpressions and misinterpretations of matters going all the way back to childhood.  It was interesting to see how she applied her thinking way back then to the here-and-now.  A lot of intimate detail was exchanged.  It’ll be interesting to see how – and with whom – it comes out.  I asked her if she thought I’d changed in any way over these many years.  She said: “I don’t know.”  That’s awfully disappointing even if she wasn’t tracking well at the time.


I once thought my parents’ story might be instructive and lively reading.  This thought has been coming back repeatedly over the past few weeks.  So maybe I’ll begin the process of researching my own material and assembling it in a chronological stream; perhaps, one day, to become a book.  This project excites me as I hope the result will excite you.  I’ll keep you posted.


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  2. Leland says:

    For me, it’s checking in to see what the next chapter of your mom’s life brings. We’ve come this far with her. It satisfies the curiosity when receiving updates on how and what she’s up to since your Pop’s passing. You write well, as for the punctuation, OK, not first and foremost on my mind. I (one who has no mother left on this earth) want to keep up with how your mom is handling life day-to-day and how you two and your siblings are getting along. It’s a few minutes of escape from my day-to-day battles.
    Keep posting, and tell your mom she’s in our prayers!

  3. Karen Peters says:

    I must confess: the excellent punctuation HAS drawn me back again and again. In fact, it’s downright irresistable. And I would love to read your book–not only because it means tons more beautiful punctuation, but because I think you have tons of wisdom and insight to share. God bless, Ph.E.

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