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It’s always fun when my baby sister comes to visit.  She brings her smiley, perky self and does her very best to brighten up the day.

Elizabeth somehow managed to get Mom to leave Piedmont Place for lunch at P.F. Chang’s on Saturday.  We had a wonderful time and the food was good.  After that, we decided to pick up a few things for Mom and, on the way, got into a conversation about money and how there just isn’t enough of it.

I think it was Lisa who started it.  She said we should rob a bank.  I leaned toward Mom and said, “Yeah, and you could drive the getaway car.”  She started laughing.  Then Elizabeth suggested, no, “Mom should be in the bank with us demanding the cash and then saying ‘God bless you’ to each of the tellers.

By this time, Mom was doubled over with laughter.  She knew the joke was on her, but she also knew how preposterous the whole thing was.  It was good to see her laugh.  It was good for all of us to laugh.


I anticipated the SuperBowl for two weeks; I knew it would be a great matchup and, perhaps, among the greatest SuperBowls in history.  The first half went my way, but the Steelers didn’t get here by withering on the vine.  The third quarter was theirs, and then the real game began.

The fourth quarter was a nail biter  —  for the fans on both sides.  I couldn’t eat any of the snacks in front of me; couldn’t enjoy the commercials; didn’t want anyone to speak for fear that some spell might be broken.  It was tough till the very end, and the Packers pulled off the win.

That’s the kind of fun I can do without…and I’d do it again tomorrow.


Speaking of commercials…the SuperBowl is the one event of the year when I bother to watch them.  Expectations are always high; this is, after all, the major league showcase for the creative best-of-the-best.  To my surprise, only two commercials stood out for me.

The first was the ‘Snickers Logging Accident‘ in which whiny comedian Richard Lewis just isn’t feeling the logging love; then Roseanne Barr takes one for the brand.  I would’ve liked the commercial more if it weren’t a sendup of last year’s original ‘Snickers Betty White‘ spot which included the sad sack Abe Vigoda.  Now that was funny.

The second was ‘The Tibetan Food‘ commercial in which Timothy Hutton narrates to the scenery of a beautiful Tibet falling, he says, to ruins and implies that help is needed from you and me.  I won’t give away the ending.

I guess that – at my crusty old age – you really have to surprise me to get my attention.  The three spots above each have modest beginnings and surprise endings.

The all-time best surprise spot for me was itself a sendup of the Oprah Winfrey / David Letterman ‘SuperBowl of Love‘ spot from 2007.  The 2010 Worst SuperBowl Party spot featured Oprah and two late night arch rivals.  I was so tickled with this one that I went to the internet and watched it several times more.  The story of how this spot came together is the stuff of industrial-strength intrigue.


And so the NFL season ends.  It may be a long time before we see another game because team owners are threatening a lock-out of players as a means of bargaining for a better deal — for the owners.  That’s not fun.

But hope is not lost.  Spring training begins in just a few weeks.  I can smell the hot dogs already.  Mmm…now that’s fun.


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