Medical update — 021011

There have been times when Mom thought she was having a high blood pressure event.  She reported these to her nurses who then took her BP and usually found it unremarkable.

Mom has been feeling lethargic since about Sunday.  She believed her BP was high again and reported it.  But rather than treat her like Chicken Little, the good nurses at Piedmont Place have been on the case (poetry unintended).  Frequent readings have revealed that Mom’s blood pressure has been very high since Sunday.

The PP doctor prescribed a single dose of Clonidine which brought the levels to near normal.  But the BP did eventually climb up again.  The medical staff is ever-vigilant and is working to figure out the best course of treatment.

Mom went back to bed after breakfast this morning.  She claims that she’s never done that before, and I agree.  She missed lunch and only got dressed again at about 4pm in preparation for dinner.  She skipped her daily 30-minute walk yesterday, and will again today.  She wanted to talk, but her thoughts were separated by long pauses, and she was barely audible even though I was sitting only a few feet away.

Mom looks more frail than ever before; even during the events of mid-2009 when I thought she was on her way out.  She was very weak today, and could hardly keep her eyes open while talking; this after a full night’s sleep and a six-hour nap after breakfast.


One of Mom’s remarks today was that she was managing her life with dementia as well as she could.  I agreed, of course.


I’ve forgotten to mention that Mom was fitted with a radio anklet again.  This was about two weeks ago.  It’s on her right ankle this time, and it prevents Mom from leaving the building.  This happened because she’s been “getting lost” while walking around in the building.  She has again been deemed a ‘walking risk.


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  1. lissa reedy says:

    My husband has dementia as well. It is frustrating and sometimes overwhelming for both of us. Fred, you are a good son to take care of your parents like this. Keep me posted.

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