A writer’s gotta write — 021311

I just hate that I don’t have something substantial to blog about every day.  But such is the way of things for the moment.  Mom’s doing okay.  I can’t make stuff up.

Writing/blogging is just about my favorite thing to do after eating and sleeping.  Each post is like getting a new toy and figuring out different ways to play with it.  So I’ve started a new blog.  It’s called, “Sunlight Shining Through Cloud“, and you can find it at www.fredmarx54.wordpress.com.

Whereas ElderBlog has a clear purpose (information and empathy for fellow caregivers), Sunlight is just a collection of some of the thoughts in my head.  It’s subjects will range from the funny to the serious, from current events to the debunking of political rhetoric – from both sides.

I’ve been working on the site for almost a week now and I think it’s ready for the world.  If you like it, I hope you’ll subscribe to it (for free, just like this blog).  If you don’t like it, well, you still have ElderBlog.  That doesn’t change.  I will continue to post to it just as often as I have fresh stories to tell.

I’m not promising that I’ll post to Sunlight every day, nor am I cutting back on ElderBlog. But a writer’s gotta write, and two platforms give me the opportunity to write that much more often.


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Old enough to have wisdom; young enough to learn.
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