The danger of MRSA — 021911

I’ve written before about the danger of MRSA to us all.  It’s a bacteria, is highly contagious, potentially deadly, and you are probably carrying it on your skin right now !   But your immune system is healthy, so your body can resist it.  An elderly body, or any body with a weakened immune system, or anyone with the slightest skin abrasion, is at risk of acquiring the mal-affects of MRSA.  While antibiotics can help manage it, MRSA will always be present, and its toll on the body can be devastating.

I wrote a little essay last year called A Moron’s Guide to MRSA.  In it, I tried to be light-handed and informative at the same time.  Yesterday, there was a segment in the NPR program, Here & Now, in which MRSA research is discussed quite seriously.  It’s worth a few minutes of your time.


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  1. Matt Fisher says:

    I laughed out loud while reading that essay. Humor really helps make material like that stick.

    I feel better about my Monk-like office hygiene habits now.

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