Hi, all.  I haven’t forgotten about you.  It’s just that the only report to give you on my mother is that she’s doing fine; sorta.  That’s a good thing, but it doesn’t make for a compelling read.  There’s more coming, I’m sure.

I need to give you a bit of an explanation.  Twice over the past couple of weeks, I have written posts requiring a password.  They were intended for my sister and brother, and I didn’t know they would be visible.  Thanks to your inquiries, I now know that there’s yet more for me to learn about the WordPress platform.  For a “fall-down-simple” technology, I sure am finding obstacles on which to bang my head on the way to the floor.

I wrote in the About The Blog page at its beginning that the first purpose of ElderBlog is to chronicle  my parents’ experiences after retirement.  Some of that chronicling is not blog-able, but needs to be recorded nonetheless for the benefit of my siblings.  A corollary function is to provide me with a single platform from which to research a possible book.  We’ll see about that.

But my strongest desire is to share stories and information which can be of benefit and comfort to other caregivers around the world.  Judging from your comments, I think ElderBlog has succeeded at that, thus far.

My sister, brother, spouses and I are strewn to the far corners of the earth.  But we get together via phone or Skype or VSee once each month to keep our relationships strong and to share information.  During our chat today, it was suggested that I turn the sharp pencil in my own direction.  By that my brother meant that I haven’t written enough about my own thoughts and feelings.  I’ve more or less ‘reported’ on events.

In this situation, I will confess, there is very little modesty left in me.  This has been a ride-and-a-half and, so far, I have survived.  You won’t likely hear me say, “Aww shucks; I don’t want to draw attention to myself.”  But then, that’s not really the point.

The point is that my thoughts and feelings – for all of these experiences – have value to caregivers who are also struggling with issues that indeed arise from this enterprise.  If something Mom says or does has an effect on me and I share that with you, you may derive some relief in knowing that your own thoughts are not selfish or unusual.

Providing that kind of comfort is consistent with the third purpose of ElderBlog. As I prepare some subject ideas, I’ll bet you have some of your own – and I’d love to hear them.  Please leave a comment to this post and tell me about what interests you.  While you’re in there, tell us some of your own story.  And don’t be modest.  We all need your wisdom.

We’re not in this alone.  Let’s share toward the benefit of us all.  Thanks.



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