Medical update — 041511

It’s hard to imagine a day busier than this one was for our favorite hospital patient.  Mom was hardly given the chance to nap when some activity or other was required of her.

First, some catch up.  Her temp is still high and she’s still receiving antibiotics IV.  Yesterday’s chest x-rays were negative for pneumonia.  The physical therapist was able to get 300 ft. with Mom and a walker…a hundred ft. better than yesterday.  And an EEG was performed this afternoon to measure brainwave activity to find evidence of seizures or stokes.  Results may be available tomorrow or, more likely, Monday.

Mom has had quite the battle with dementia, as you know.  There’s nothing she can do about it, and all we can do is find ways to adapt.  It ain’t easy and we sometimes get fooled into thinking that she’s making sense when she’s not.  Today, she made sense…and made two stunning pronouncements.

For context, I remind you that Mom will bend over backwards to not be a bother.  Frankly, she goes quite to the extreme.  Today she asked that all future lunches and dinners consist solely of oatmeal and two glasses of iced tea.  Fair enough.

Her second request was quite another thing.  Minutes after one of her longest and closest friends left the hospital room, Mom told me that she didn’t want to have any more visitors.  I said, “Do you even include (and I listed three names)?”  “No visitors”, she said.

There are two problems with this request: 1) It is entirely uncharacteristic of my mother to not want to see her friends.  She is very social, loves people in general, and her friends in particular.   2) This places me in the uncomfortable position of informing these good people that their decades-long friend is going into isolation or something.  I felt the potential of this going over poorly for some.

Mom held fast while not offering an explanation.  So I began to make calls.  It was easy to hear the surprise in their voices.  Some did understand, and were accepting of her wishes.  Others, not as much.  I wondered if anyone thought that I had anything to do with this.  I didn’t.

Now comes the weekend and a number of drop-in guests, no doubt.  I can already see their faces.  I am already dreading it.

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  1. fredmarx52 says:

    This hospital experience raises a question of ethics which is explored today in my other blog: ‘Sunlight Shining Through Cloud’. Visit:

  2. Lissa reedy says:

    offer as an alternative, phone calls and cards. that may satisfy all concerned.

    • fredmarx52 says:

      Thanks, Lissa. Unfortunately calls won’t work for the same energy-draining reason as the visits. Additionally, she’s almost inaudible. Cards are a great option, though.

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