Medical update — 042111

Mom is unsettled today.  Her short-term memory of the past day is wholly inaccurate: to wit, she claimed to have not been to the bathroom since early this morning, and she claimed to have been sipping the same cup of water since her arrival twenty-three hours ago.  Mom had a panic/anxiety attack after lunch for which she was given Ativan which did the trick.  She told me that there should be no guests/visitors “for the time being.”

Scene from: The Wizard of Oz MGM - 1939

Mom is hallucinating.  I’ve always thought of hallucinations as something akin to Dorothy’s experience amidst the tornado in The Wizard of Oz.  There are stories I have not shared in ElderBlog because they’re too weird; Mom’s narrations of this experience or that.  I shared some of these stories at an Alzheimer’s support group this evening.  The moderator (who has a Master’s in geriatric psychology) easily identified them for what they are.  So, what I’ve been thinking of as Mom going into and coming out of sentience, is actually hallucination.  I have to think about what I think about this.

Mom looks like the vulnerable adult she is, not like the lady who’s staging a modest comeback.

I’ll have more time to spend at Piedmont Place tomorrow.  I’ll talk with the head of the Rehabilitation Department and will get some of the stuff from Mom’s regular room into her temporary rehab room.


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