Medical update — 042311

I saw Mom twice today, both times with the same scenario.  She was able to eat only a few bites of her scrambled eggs for breakfast, and most of a bowl of oatmeal for dinner.  She didn’t want me to feed her either time, but sitting on the edge of the bed was, again, a wobbly, fatiguing experience for her.

Mom stayed in her nightclothes and spent the balance of the day in bed, sleeping.  She was anxious during the afternoon, and Ativan was again administered to calm her.  Mom’s blood pressure is trending lower and her heart rate is irregular.

Her saint of a nurse, Joanne, kept close watch on Mom today.  In her only communicative moment of the day, Joanne was told of another of Mom’s dream-like experiences; quite obviously, another hallucination.  After that, Mom said that she didn’t want visitors of any kind; she didn’t want to be seen like this.  I queried her about this later, and she held her ground.  Not even my wife Lisa is to come here.  No guests; no exceptions.

She asked me during dinner what day it was.  I replied that it was April 23rd; the day before Easter.   At that, she smiled broadly.  There was a glimmer in her eyes and I said with a chuckle, “I know what you’re thinking…You’re thinking that maybe you’re not going to miss your deadline after all.”  Mom chuckled softly, herself.  Her fondest desire remains to be home with the Lord by Easter.  We’ll see.


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