Caregiver Village

I’ve been around the block often enough to be restrained in my enthusiasm for the next best thing.  But I will admit to being impressed by the web presentation of the new Caregiver VillageIt’s not just about how it looks, of course. There seems to be considerable thought given to the plight of the caregiver — no matter the affliction of the person being cared for.  In their own words:

  • Caregiver Village is dedicated to building better health, using an innovative, engaging virtual game to inspire better self-care, teach stress management skills, and build more positive attitudes about caregiving.
  • Caregiver Village is dedicated to increasing happiness, by helping caregivers connect more with others, choosing their caregiving journey and encouraging mindful support of each other.
  • Caregiver Village is dedicated to easing frustration, by linking to resources caregivers need to make a tangible difference in their lives.
  • To achieve such an epic change it will take a true Village – a Caregiver Village – reaching out, inviting friends, family and acquaintances to join with us as we raise our voices, affirm our choices and change the world of caregiving today.

Caregiver Village seems to be a fun, relaxing, interactive and informative place. Full disclosure: membership is required to gain full access to the many activities and resources available in Caregiver Village. Initially, the membership is free. It eventually converts to a small fee. My sense is that caregivers will find the value fully worth the cost.


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