Granville — December 13, 2011

Granville met Mom & Pop almost forty years ago. He married Sherree in M&P’s living room, and spent countless hours being the best of friends to both of my parents. Together, they shared the strongest bond any four humans could have.

Granville was the kind of man who spoke his piece, but never dismissed yours.  He was an upstanding man who lived his principles.  He’d do everything he could for you; well beyond the capacity of others.  Indeed, I and members of my family have enjoyed accommodations and many, many meals with Granville and Sherree over the years.

Only a month ago, I spent an afternoon with Granville clearing trees from his property. He worked hard, loved his country, and served as a model of the love of God here on earth. I’ve written about him many times in ElderBlog‘s pages. He was a man as close to our family as family could be.

We lost Granville early this morning. I am surprised by the tears in my eyes, but shouldn’t be; I loved Granville and can hardly believe the earth can continue to spin on its axis without him here.


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