Back In The Hospital Again — 033012

I think it would be fair to say that the past year has been among the happiest and healthiest of Mom’s life. It was, after all, just twelve months ago that she (and we) thought she was on the stairway to glory. After that, there was an amazing recovery, an 80th birthday celebration, and a transition back to independent living.

Mom’s been fighting a bug for the past several days. Today it became necessary to call in the nurse who read a temperature of 103°. Sherry transported Mom to an urgent care center where she was given IV fluids and antibiotics. After that, a trip to Wesley Long Hospital in an ambulance and, as is her custom, Mom slept all the way.

So far, I’ve given the hospital pharmacist a list of Mom’s meds and have left instructions at the nurse’s station for them to call me after any diagnosis is made. I’ve also talked with Mom a couple of times and she seems not that bad, really. Her temp is back down to 99° and she feels almost normal. How bad can she be? She’s willing to take calls (832-1305).

I will update as new information becomes available.


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4 Responses to Back In The Hospital Again — 033012

  1. Elizabeth, BS says:

    I spoke with her about an hour ago and she said that she really didn’t want visitors or to talk much today. I’m sure she’ll be ready for the phone and friends by tomorrow (Sunday). It’s hard to keep her down long. She is of the mind that she won’t be leaving the hospital by Monday, btw.

  2. scrabble54 says:

    I just talked to her on Wed. I’ll give her a call in a couple of hours. My dear friend lives in Lolo, Mt. – she moved there about 4 years ago due to her husband needing a job. She says it a ‘different’ world out there!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Sounds like she won’t even be using 1/2 of one of her 9 lives this time!

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