Medical update — 033112

It’s not a turn for the worse, but Mom is certainly less than peppy today. And when you understand what she’s being treated for, this should be no surprise.

The operating theory is that we’re dealing with a urinary tract infection (UTI). You may recall that Mom has a frequent history of UTI’s and, for her, these are usually quite serious. She’s being treated with IV fluids and antibiotics, and as I’ve pointed out in previous such situations, “antibiotics” translates into “against life.” By that I mean that the drugs are fighting a battle against germs (a form of life) inside the body. For the healthy among us, this can be draining. For the elderly, it is much more so.

The evidence of this fight was impaired cognition when Mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday evening. And this morning she experienced uncontrollable chills while having a normal temperature.

That said, the doctor reports that Mom is “doing quite well.” His greatest source of optimism is that she has a good appetite. Blood and urine cultures were taken last night and in a couple of days we’ll know the results. Then more specific medications can be applied, and they will likely take the form of pills. That means the IV can be removed, which then increases the chances of Mom being released from the hospital. At this point, it looks like Mom might be going home on Monday or Tuesday.

Contrary to her assertions to me yesterday, Mom does not want to receive guests or take telephone calls today. She wants to spend her energies getting well. I’ll report any change of mind as it happens along with medical progress.


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