Medical update — 040212

Mom had a fever overnight and, as a result, did not sleep well. This is a matter of some concern for the doctor with whom I have spoken each day. He has ordered an ultrasound of her kidney and will likely have the interpreted results in the morning.

The doctor wants 24 hours without a fever. That, and a slight imbalance while walking, will keep Mom in the hospital for at least another night. So, since she’s staying there, the IV is staying in. The correct antibiotic is already being administered.

As before, Mom wants to focus her energies on getting well…so she requests no¬†visits or calls.¬†Thanks.


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  1. scrabble54 says:

    Hi Fred!!

    I called today before I got your email and of course, she sounds wonderful!!! Thank you so much for keeping with the updates!!! Blessings for a wonderful start to your April….can you believe it!?


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