Overcoming Technical Difficulties — 040512

As if hospitalization for her human maladies wasn’t enough, Mom returned home to find a deactivated voice-mail system. It’s part of her phone — the very simplest I could find at the time of its purchase. I figured that if it ever needed fixing by me from a distance, even Mom could push the buttons as I instructed.

Wrong !

I spent most of two hours trying to talk Mom through the simple process of turning the answering machine back on. This worked about as well as climbing a slide coated with Jello: it couldn’t be done. So I called in the facility’s management team and, with my instruction, they fixed it.

Problem solved…

…until three hours later when Mom called to inform me that the answering system had turned itself off yet again. How does this happen?

I have reached the limit of my vast communicative resources. I am now calling in the one person on the planet who, with a keen eye for problem-solving, will linearize the variables, parse the user manual, and laugh in the face of adversity. That’s right…I’m calling in my Baby Sister.

Elizabeth will be spending Easter weekend with her mother. In the meantime, you may find Mom’s telephone answering system willing to accept your message. Or not.


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  1. Elizabeth, BS says:

    As it happens, Mom was mashing on the DND button instead of pressing Del(ete). This is also why her phone was rolling over to voice mail immediately. Now she knows to only press DND when her daughter is visiting and she doesn’t want to be disturbed. 🙂

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