2013: ElderBlog — The Original POV

When ElderBlog started, I wasn’t thinking about an end. I’ve written almost 200 posts in the past 3 years: about transitions, illnesses, events; the things of death and life. We’ve shared extraordinarily intimate details, some tears, and more than a few laughs.

But my posts have not been as frequent in the past year because, frankly, Mom’s life has settled into a more normal pattern than in previous years. She’s surging now. Proof? Two long round-trip flights in the past several months and another one coming up in a couple of weeks. She’s actively participating in the Residents Council at her Independent Living facility and readily joins in scheduled events. She dines with old friends off campus, and shops for herself as needed.

Mom would be the first to tell you that her earthly life is better now than at almost any time in the past.

So I’ve been wondering: Rather than my constantly thinking about what I could share with you about Mom’s experiences, why not let Mom share herself with you directly?

After only 60 seconds worth of resistance, she understood what could be accomplished by writing ElderBlog herself and she embraced the idea. I have no idea how often she might write, nor what she might write about. But ElderBlog is hers now.

If events warrant, I’ll pop back in as necessary. Until then, the next posts you read will be written by my mother, Edith, age 81.

The management of Mom’s facility found and distributed this lovely New Year’s sentiment.

The new year has begun,
Another chance to start again;
Another chance to make more memories,
Another chance to make more friends.

The end of the year always seems to bring
regrets for things left undone:
Spend more time with the family,
Make more time for yourself,
Allow more time for long walks in the sun.

We should never take a day for granted
For no one is promised tomorrow.
Time is stingy and will not wait.
It will not lend or borrow.

Do what you can with what God has given you.
Don’t put something off for another day.
Make things right with those you love,
and be full of nice things to say.

Make this year your best one yet;
Set high hopes and dreams.
And always remember no matter how bad it gets:
Nothing’s as bad as it seems!

— by Misty Horner


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  1. scrabble54 says:

    Hi Fred!!

    Happy Happy New Year!!  I pray you are well and the West is being good to you!! I talked with Edith last week and she is excited about all the Lord is doing for her and through her – she sounded wonderful!!

    The Lord’s word for this year, “Behold, I make all things new!”  I hope your ‘new’ year is off to a great start!!  Many blessings and joys your way!!   Love like there is no tomorrow………..! Debra


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