Covered With Love

by Edith

A storm was coming. There was anticipation, preparation, excitement and anxiety enough for everyone. It’s unusual for it to snow here in the south.

It fell last night taking branches and powerlines with it. Driving is still difficult. But for all the calamity, there is also this:

Utter beauty.

I am blessed with a gorgeous woodland view from my windows and balcony. And the lawn before that is a stage for endless entertainment. I’ve watched through my binoculars all manner of species cavorting and gathering food. I’m always amazed by how different a squirrel or bird or deer is from another of the same species. Every petal of every wildflower is matchless. Something about the uniqueness of each of His creations comes to mind.

The berry bushes seemed more productive this year than usual. Someone told me that happens when there’s going to be a hard winter; the animals still need to eat, after all. Something about His provision comes to mind.

And now, everything I see is covered with snow. The sky is blue and the sun shines brightly causing a glistening on the surface. All by itself, it’s the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen, and I could happily leave it at that. But I can’t help but think … when He covers nature with snow, we can’t see or know what’s underneath it.

He does the same with our past; when we receive forgiveness, our past is packed into luggage and sent to some faraway place. There is no benefit in our trying to find it; it’s gone. What’s left is a covering of His love and the warmth of His peace. And that’s cause for a new hope, and excitement for the future.


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  1. scrabble54 says:

    Have a beautiful weekend! The Lord already provided the scenery!! Much love and many blessings….. “Behold, He makes all things NEW!”

  2. scrabble54 says:

    Such wonder and such beauty to behold!!! Amen and AMEN!!!

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