Deeply Thankful

by Edith

Esther brought me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ way back in the 1960’s. She’d been a bible class and Sunday school teacher since the age of 16 and had spent many many hours counseling believers and in other ministries for the Lord. She became my mentor and the closest of friends.

There was a practical side to Esther’s life. She shared her personal recipes for Christmas Cake and for non-alcoholic punch. Both were a big hit every time I had occasion to make them. When we were relocating from New Jersey to North Carolina in 1973, Esther showed up with hot coffee and juice and sandwiches which helped us get through the tribulations of our moving. She also made it a point to call me every year on my birthday at 8am no matter where in the world she happened to be.

I had the privilege of visiting with Esther last week in Florida. She’s ninety-six now and her memory isn’t nearly as sharp as it was until just last year when she taught her last bible class. Until then, she continued to drive, shop, cook, clean and entertain. But thousands of people like me have been touched by this strong woman over the years and we carry her many lessons in our hearts, like:

  • We can’t have anything negative in our hearts for a person for whom we pray. We must accept them unconditionally the way they are.
  • We are to be grateful to God first; then to others.

Esther is one of the most spirit-filled friends in my life and I’m grateful to God and to her for her love, concern and compassion. She prayed for my family as if we were her own. She honored God with each and every one of her steps.

May all of us be as willing, able and as productive for the Lord as Esther was.


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